RPB Z-Link Respirator With Climate Control Device


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The RPB Safety Z-Link Respirator is a versatile respirator system that has many options for accessories.

Countless customizations: The RPB Z-Link offers numerous configurations so that you can wear it your way. With the detachable Z-Link+ welding visor, five lens options, five cape types, fully adjustable head suspension, adjustable airflow, and optional accessories, the Z-Link lets you add, change, or remove features as you choose.

Exceptional comfort: The RPB Comfort-Link™ helmet padding system distributes weight evenly across your head to eliminate pressure points and minimize strain on your neck.

Optimum vision: The large optically clear grinding visor provides exceptional downward and peripheral vision, plus ANSI Z87+ certified eye protection.

Unrivaled safety: The Z-Link provides certified respiratory protection, head protection, eye protection, and optional hearing protection.

Visor lifts open: The Z-Link grinding visor hinged open for quick communication outside of the working environment.

All Features

  • Includes¬†16-810 Safety Lens, 16-723 Tychem SL Shoulder Cape, and 04-830 Breathing Tube, and 03-501 Climate Control Device (NIOSH Approved)
  • Large, optically, clear, grinding visor with Z87+ certified eye protection
  • Adjust the direction of the air with the air deflector
  • Fixed jaw to ensure secure cape attachment
  • Molded padding fits closely to your head to evenly spread weight
  • APF of greater than 1000
  • Polystyrene top liner for impact absorption
  • Swivel inlet fitting for easy breathing tube attachment
  • Gray heat-reflecting shell for lower in-helmet temperatures
  • Compatible with supplied air or powered air
  • Choose from five Z87+ certified visors: clear, mirror tint, smoke tint, infrared shade 5, yellow tint
  • Choose from two cape options: full bib and face seal
  • Choose from three cape materials: Tychem 2000, Tychem 4000, Zytec FR

Optional Features

  • Optional RPB Comms-Link accessories for radio communications
  • Optional RPB Vision-LInk helmet light for work in dark environments
  • Optional RPB Quiet-Link ear muffs for high noise environments
  • Optional FR breathing tube cover available
  • Optional RPB Z-Link+ welding visor
  • Optional tear-off lenses for grinding visor


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