RPB T-Link Respirator Kit


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The RPB T-Link Respirator Kit is designed to work with you, not against you.


  • 17-712-S Tychem QC Hood
  • Safety Lens
  • Bump Cap Assembly
  • 04-835 Breathing Tube
  • 03-501 C40 Climate Control Device or 03-901 PX4 PAPR

Secure attachment: The Tychem cover is securely attached to the helmet system ensuring it will never blow off your head.

Widened Perspective: Large viewing window allows you to operate with a widened perspective.

Greater comfort

  • The soft breathable inner-bib and extra tuck-in collar directs air down your body to aid cooling.
  • Fully adjustable padding system ensures a snug fit.
  • The T-Link's padded head-liner and head suspension system provide a balanced weight distribution, relieving pressure points on your head and maximizing user comfort. Optional Comfort-Link padding systems offers additional stability and comfort.

Clear-vision cassette lens: The optional cassette lens includes 7 layers, enabling you to work for extended periods of time with ease.

Other features

  • Adjustable air deflector to change the air direction
  • Fixed lens frame ensures the lends will never hit your nose
  • Breathing tube easily attaches to the respirator and swivels to eliminate tangles
  • Compatible with SAR and PAPR

Customizable features

  • Choose between lightweight bump cap or ANSI Z89.1 certified hard hat protection
  • 2 cape materials available
    • Dupont Tychem 2000
    • Dupont Tychem 4000

Optional features

  • Optional ANSI Z87 approved safety lens
  • Peel-off lenses available
  • Optional Comms-Link accessories for radio communications
  • Optional Quiet-Link ear muffs for high noise environment


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