3M Finesse IT Foam Waffle Buffing Pad Orange 3.75IN


SKU: 214233 Category: GTIN: 51111511589

3M Finesse IT Foam Waffle Buffing Pad Orange 3.75IN 02637/EACH Finesse-it buffing pads provide a soft, smooth surface for applying the Finesse-it Polishes. Used to buff out fine sand scratches when repairing small defects on most AOEM clear coats. 3M Finesse-it Buffing Pad - Orange Foam White Loop is ideal for final and extra fine finishing steps for automotive OEM clear coats and removing sand scratches or swirl marks from previous finishing steps. The orange foam buffing pads can also be used in the 3M Finesse-it Trizact Paint Repair System for AOEM paint and clear coats. Our pads are manufactured with the 3M Hookit attachment system for quick pad mounting and removal and to hold them securely in place during use. 3M Hookit buffing pads quickly and firmly attach to a hook-and-loop backup disc pad (sold separately) on rotary or random orbital tools, can be removed cleanly and easily, and can be re-used again and again for the life of the pad.