The AIS Marketplace is your technology solution for smarter order placement! This cloud-based app is powered by proven technology and is designed to help AIS customers place orders quickly and easily. The system can be accessed from a smart phone, tablet, or desktop.

Through the AIS Marketplace, customers can search and compare thousands of products from AIS’ vast catalog. The system allows the user to approve invoices and track both purchases and material usage. Customized options are available, including the ability to link orders and inventory to a specific purchasing agent, technician, or repair order. The system is updated in real-time, so pricing and product availability information is always up to date.

As with many modern apps, the AIS Marketplace is incredibly intuitive to use. According to Industrial Finishes/AIS Operations Projects Manager, Keith Clark, “Training can be completed over the phone or a shared-screen video session in 20-30 minutes. The system streamlines the process from product selection, dedicated purchase lists, and order placement. The user experience is first rate.”

Clark added, “Many of our customers have already successfully adopted the system and we continue to add features and capabilities. For example, we’re currently gathering thousands of product images to further enhance search functions.”

In today’s uncertain times, the ability to work with business partners remotely has taken on an incredible level of importance. AIS is committed to providing an exceptional service experience even when circumstances make it difficult to meet face-to-face. Systems such as the AIS Marketplace make the world smaller despite the distance that separates us.

The system is free to AIS/Industrial Finishes customers. Read more…


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