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Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Welcome to the AIS Aerospace Spray Painter Training course!

NEXT COURSE: CAT Training, August 15-17, Ogden, Utah. For more information, contact Jeff Henderson at or Marissa Skiby at or 801-732-1500.

Ongoing training and education is a cornerstone of the service AIS provides. We work closely with our partners to provide detailed, useful training to enhance the skills of the spray technicians who are so vital to our industry.

By the end of the Aerospace Spray Painter Training course, regardless of previous knowledge or experience, attendees should understand the fundamentals of all tasks to be performed by spray technicians. Attendees will also gain the necessary skills to efficiently perform assigned coatings application tasks.

Course Background

The primary goal of this course is to improve the knowledge and skills of coating technicians in order to increase application efficiency and durability of applied coatings.

This course is divided into 13 units:

  • Unit 1: Introduction
  • Unit 2: Masking and Demasking
  • Unit 3: Surface Preparation
  • Unit 4: Basic Coating Knowledge
  • Unit 5: The Preparation of Coatings
  • Unit 6: Spray Application Equipment
  • Unit 7: Spray Equipment Setup
  • Unit 8: Spray Application Techniques
  • Unit 9: Cleaning and Maintenance of Spray Equipment
  • Unit 10: The Application of Aerospace Primers and Topcoats
  • Unit 11: Stencil and Decal Application
  • Unit 12: Coating Defects, Problems and Repair
  • Unit 13: Conclusion


In addition to classroom study, there are labs to go along with particular units. During these labs, attendees will have an opportunity to view demonstrations of the procedures that have been taught and practice the related skills.

Three day training course: $1200 per perso

NEXT COURSE: CAT Training, August 15-17, Ogden, Utah

Note: Each training course will be held with a minimum of 2 attendees and a maximum course size of 6 attendees.

For more information, contact Jeff Henderson at or Marissa Skiby at or 801-732-1500.

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