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Protect your vehicle’s finish with Clearshield Pro

Thursday, June 16th, 2016


What is Clearshield Pro – paint protection film?

Carborundum and Solar Gard have teamed up to introduce a new product they are calling Clearshield Pro. It’s a strong clear sheet that is stretched over your vehicle’s paint to create a barrier to protect it from chips, scratches and stains caused by road debris, insects and more. Using Clearshield Pro will help keep the finish of your vehicle looking new for years.

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How does it work?Soalr Gard and Carbo Logos

Using a cloud-based computer system called ComputerCut, dealers are able to download the protection patters to a plotter for precision-cutting packages made specifically for your vehicle. There are four Clearshield Pro packages available including:

  • Standard- Most affordable package. Covers the basics such as the fenders, hood, and mirrors.
  • Deluxe- Most practical package. Covers fenders, hood, mirrors, and front bumper.
  • Deluxe Plus- Most popular package. Covers fenders, hood, mirrors, front bumper, headlights, rocker panels exterior, roof – leading edge, trunk entrance, and windshield pillars.
  • Custom Cut- Most versatile because you can add any or all of the custom-cut options. Full coverage on fenders, hood, roof trunk lid, door edges, door handle cups, hatchback, rear bumper, rocker panels – interior, splash guards, and tailgate.


Another advantage of using Clearshield Por is it is backed by a Warranty Picturelimited 7-year manufacturer warranty against yellowing, cracking, and peeling with replacement product and labor!

For pricing and availability call in to your local Industrial Finishes or AIS

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Introducing TRUE Green Poly Industrial & Commercial Coatings

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

In 2015, we were pleased to announce that AIS and Industrial Finishes & Systems has entered into a definitive exclusive national distribution agreement with Hybrid Coating Technologies (HCT) for several of HCT’s coating formulations. HCT has developed Green Polyurethane™, the first-ever modified hybrid polyurethane (currently used in coatings and paint) manufactured without the use of toxic isocyanates throughout the entire production process.lab

The result is TRUE Green Poly™, a substitute for conventional polyurethane and epoxies that is hundreds of times less toxic, has superior properties, and may provide up to 30-60% in reduced application costs. TRUE Green Poly™ featuring Green Polyurethane™ is the first commercially-available zero isocyanate hybrid polyurethane coating.

The product emits such low odor that it can be applied in environments that make conventional toxic, isocyanate-based polyurethane coatings difficult to use, such as hospitals and schools. TRUE Green Poly™ is perfect for new construction as well as recondition projects with “green” considerations or seeking LEED certification. TRUE Green Poly™ provides an appealing choice for a wide range of projects due to its ease of application, exceptional durability, and competitive costs.

HCT_GRNchem_LOGO1In 2015, Green Polyurethane™ was the recipient of the prestigious Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award given by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in cooperation with the
American Chemical Society. The award program, supported by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, recognizes “landmark green chemistry technologies developed by industrial pioneers and leading scientists in the field of green chemistry.”

Recently AIS/Industrial Finishes & Systems and our supplier partner, Hybrid Coatings Technology, was invited to visit with the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington DC to discuss TRUE Green Poly. The EPA wanted to follow up with HCT regarding commercialization and marketing of their isocyanate-free floor coatings and paints. We were invited along to discuss our efforts to bring the product to market.

Our hosts were Tracy Williamson, Chief of the Industrial Chemistry Branch, and David Widawsky of the Chemical, Economic and Sustainable Strategies Division. Both were very excited to hear that TRUE Green Poly is available and that we’ve had some success with customers such as the University of Oregon.

The EPA put us in touch with other government organizations who can help make people aware that an actual isocyanate-free, no-VOC paint is readily available for purchase. The Army Material Command, the Federal Environmental Preferable Purchasing Organization, Suppliers Partnership for the Environment, the EPA Safer Choice Program, and the USDA Bio-Preferred Program were among the agencies with whom they recommend forming a relationship.

According to Industrial Finishes & Systems Chairman and CEO, Stuart Barr, “We’re excited to have the opportunity to bring this much-needed product to market. This is truly a game-changer. In today’s world, eliminating harmful VOCs and isocyanates, is an increasingly important focus. HCT’s chemistry allows us to bring products to market that eliminate isocyanates while providing a superior finish and easy application.”BMW Showroom

“Industrial Finishes has a strong management team with a vision toward the future of coatings. They also have a highly motivated sales team with a record of success. We believe this will be an exceptional partnership and are excited about the product launch,” said Joseph Kristul, President and CEO of HCT.

It was an honor to be invited and to meet with the EPA. We’re very enthusiastic about the future of TRUE Green Poly, and it’s encouraging to see that the EPA shares our enthusiasm. For more information, contact Industrial Finishes & Systems.

Additional Information: The Problem of Conventional Foams/Coatings/Paint and Isocyanates


About Hybrid Coating Technologies
Hybrid Coating Technologies (HCT) is a San Francisco-based innovator focused on improving the quality and safety of foams, coatings, and adhesives for industrial and commercial customers around the world. They are the exclusive licensee of Green Polyurethane™ foam, coatings, and adhesives — the world’s first-ever patent protected polyurethane-based foam, coatings, and adhesive products that eliminate toxic isocyanates from the entire production process (licensed by Nanotech Industries, Inc.) and the 2015 recipient of the Presidential Green Chemistry Award. For more information,

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