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Loren Downing – Thank you for all your hard work!

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

From managing more than 800 bakeries including Kroger, Smith’s, Safeway’s, and his own bakery named “Yummy’s” in his home town of Danville California, to spending 24 years in the Automotive industry, Loren Downing has been working at AIS from day one. Before AIS, the company was Merrill’s Paint & Glass, where Loren would do glass repairs on cars at dealerships. He was later moved into the automotive group where he got to work even more with another AIS employee, Debbie Arellano.

Asking Debbie about her work experience with Loren, she said, “I have really enjoyed working with Loren. He is very helpful, caring, and efficient. We definitely notice when he is gone.” Loren did an array of jobs while working here at AIS from maintaining company vehicles, company machines, upkeep, cooking, and arranging appreciation lunches.


Loren Downing and Layne Clarke at an AIS company dinner 1/7/16

Layne Clarke, one of the founders of AIS, worked closely with Loren from the beginning of the company. “Loren has been one of the major contributors to the  success of the  growing years at AIS,” Layne said. “He showed great leadership and work ethic beyond that what was required.  It will be hard not to  see him here every day as he provides a great comfort to me.”


Loren Downing’s Wife, Jeannine Downing, is a talented artist

He has always been a positive influence both at work and out of work. He has been an inspiration for showing love to his wife, Jeannine Downing, by helping her with all her artwork by building frames, setting up and selling her art at galleries in Ogden, UT. He is known as a “Rock Hound” for collecting rocks and making jewelry, and he plans on doing it more now that he is retired.

As a thank you, we wanted to recognize him at our company dinner and a lunch for Loren in Ogden. While presenting him a card from all the employees, he tearfully thanked all of his fellow co-workers for being so wonderful to him and all the memories he had made here. All of the AIS employees stood and applauded him for a job well done. It has been an honor to work with such a great man, thank you Loren for being part of the AIS family! Enjoy your retirement!


Small, special lunch for Loren Downing at AIS Ogden 1/6/16


Small, special lunch for Loren Downing at AIS Ogden 1/6/16


Small, special lunch for Loren Downing at AIS Ogden 1/6/16

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Monday, January 11th, 2016

Industrial Finishes and Systems is excited to announce the release of their first product of theTRUE Performance Product Series.  TRUE Clear Coat & Activator will debut in early 2016, and will offer excellent sprayability and a proven performance!

In speaking with body shop owners and paint technicians, Industrial Finishes and Systems found the growing need for an easy-to-spray clear coat that produces an impressive finish at a great price.

TRUE maintains the best characteristics of other clear coats, including some popular clear coats that are no longer on the market!

With a simple 4:1 mix ratio, and great results baked or air dried, TRUE is your user-friendly clear coat that saves you time and money.  Best of all, you’ll enjoy excellent results in a wide range of conditions.

Because TRUE is so easy to use, it lets you get to work quickly with very little preparation time.  Even for those painters who are less-experienced, TRUE provides users the ability to quickly learn how to use it.


In addition, TRUE Clear Coat & Activator offers users:

  • Fast-drying capabilities and a great appearance, with little or no cut and buff afterwards
  • Durable finish
  • Compatible with all base coats
  • 2.1 VOC compliant
  • Fits a wide range of environments and temperatures
  • Simple 4:1 mix ratio
  • Multiple control with hardeners
  • Proven technology
  • Proven application/sprayability
  • Proven chemistry
  • Proven performance

TRUE Performance Product Series Clear Coat and Activator are perfect for auto refinish, recreation vehicle, light industrial, and marine applications!  It is available in gallon kits, as well as quart kits, which makes it easier for you to give TRUE a try today!  For more information contact AIS by phon

e, 800-926-6160, or email

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RDA/ Impact Training Videos for the Collision Industry

Thursday, January 7th, 2016


Refinish Distributors Alliance (RDA), as well as AIS, aims to solve problems and provide solutions for collision industry distributors and body shops. And in doing so, we would like to inform you of the many resources that are offered to you on behalf of Industrial Finishes and RDA/IMPACT.YouTube-logo-full_color Below is a link to help you find a large collection of webinar training videos that will help ensure your shops success.

RDA/IMPACT offers their latest update of collision shop webinars presented with a brief description and link to each one on their YouTube channel for easy access. As always, you can expect to see a continual update to this library as more webinars are offered, so be sure to bookmark this page!

Click HERE to access the library.


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