PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT – Barracuda Immersion Separator

Designed specifically for the capture of flammable or combustible dust and debris, like aluminum and titanium, the Barracuda’s powerful vacuum motor draws air and collected particulate into the immersion tank, and forces it through a roiling water bath, instantly quenching sparks, and thoroughly wetting dust out of the airstream. Three stages of additional filtration ensure that the air exhausted from the system is dust and moistbarracudaure free.

When its time to empty the tank, simply pull the valve lever to dump the water and debris out through a 5 micron filter sock and into any floor drain. Once the tank is empty, connect the system to a normal garden hose, and a series of spray heads inside the unit continue to flush the tank, ensuring that no sediment builds up on the internal components. The large window makes it simple to confirm the water level in the tank, and allows spectators to view the carnage as dust and debris gets consumed by the Barracuda.

Whether you’re installing a Barracuda system in your automotive bay or your aircraft hangar, you’ll be extremely satisfied with the low maintenance and ease of use. And with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that this equipment solution is a one-time purchase.

• Provides 100 CFM & 100” H2O
• Vacuum and accessories are electrically bonded to ensure conductivity during use
• Conductive bonded Hydrophobic HEPA filter: Efficiency of 99.97% @ 0.3 micron

For additional information, please contact Automotive and Industrial Supply or visit Clayton vacuums.

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