Chemical Management

Your AIS team has extensive expertise overcoming the challenges associated with chemical management, including procurement and inventory control. Our process includes a materials and waste stream disposal review. We also formulate a chemical management strategy that incorporates task-determined package size and identification.

We offer a certified storage facility for hazmat materials. All Pre-Mix Frozen (PMF) military sealants are stored in calibrated scientific freezers. AIS has earned the Classified Material Storage designation and is licensed to deliver hazardous materials including solvents, coatings and PMF sealants.

AIS specializes in military-specified products such as urethane topcoat (MIL-PRF-85285), epoxy primer (MIL-PRF-23377) and aircraft sealant (MIL-PRF-8802). Our approach to military customers includes reducing warehousing and inventory costs. As an experienced supplier, we offer education for proper materials handling and application. We have OEM-certified technicians on staff to assist with training, resolve application issues, and evaluate onsite application processes. Our team can train customer technicians to comply with NESHAP regulations.

Sound chemical management practices don’t exclude proper waste disposal. We’re here to assist and advise customers when identifying and disposing of hazardous materials.

Cost savings, efficiency gains, proper handling of hazardous materials – just a few more reasons to choose AIS.

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